Laura Mendez

Laura had her first encounter with yoga back in 2001, when she took a class out of curiosity. Since then, she has never looked back and over the years she increased the amount of time dedicated to the practice of yoga. Meditation and yoga helped her balance a stressful job, and her quality of life and sleep have improved dramatically. Laura undertook Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India, with Himalaya Yoga Valley, and has been since then attending numerous workshops and trainings all over the world in order to deepen her knowledge of the multiple aspects of yoga. After a retreat with Sky, she decided to attend the Samayoga teacher training in Bali, to keep deepening her understanding of yoga, and to find the voice of her heart. She is honoured to be able to teach others what has helped her immensely in her life. She currently lives and teaches in Brussels, Belgium, and organizes retreats in Spain*.


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