Sanna Akasha-Tobias

Sannas passion has always been spiritual & personal growth, her interest spans over all aspects that Yoga includes. She searched answers for many years and in many traditions and since she was 16 has been committed to a daily Yoga & Meditation practice. But it wasn’t until she found traditional Advaita Vedanta that the search was satisfied. Vedanta is a timeless means of knowledge that, when the teaching words are handled appropriately, acts as a mirror so you can know clearly the fact that you are the source of all you seek. It gives knowledge about how to find harmony & happiness in all aspects of life, what is the nature of myself, the world and God? It gives Moksha, freedom. To be able to understand and benefit from this fact we need to grow in so many ways, including emotionally. Ultimately this is the purpose of all Yoga.

Sannas name is very appropriate, it means “truth”, which has been her motivation and goal for as long as she can remember. She radiates an honesty and openness that invites immediate comfort and trust in all her students and clients. From her diverse background, which has included engineering, animals, Jungian psychology, physically challenged children, sports competition and extensive travels among other things, she has gained a deep humility and respect for each individuals journey and the ability to support and uplift whoever she meets.

Since 2009 she studies vedanta, sanskrit, mantra, chanting & ritual daily with her teachers in the Swami Dayananda Saraswati lineage and has been given their blessings to teach to carry the tradition further.

She is one of the main teachers in the Sama Yoga Teacher training and involved in the Yoga studio: “Under the Banyantree” in Bali. She also offers online classes, individual Life coaching sessions and spiritual guidance both live and on Skype.

If you are interested to host a class or course/retreat at your place, please feel free to contact her at:

Contact: yogadeepening (at)

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