Teacher Training Team

Sky: “This is the 10th year of offering Teacher Training programs and I must say it’s been an amazing journey!  It’s been a great pleasure and joy sharing my heart, and passion for yoga, seeing the many students bloom and become great teachers. I too have grown a lot and continue to find better ways of conveying the Yoga teachings, mostly by being a devoted student of yoga in all aspects of my life.”

Teacher Training core team (will be there at all steps and between steps):

Sky Sama Yoga teacherSky is dedicated to living a life of yoga, and since 1991 has studied and taught several styles of yoga, always coming back to the simple and deep principles in the tradition of Hatha Yoga. Gracefully incorporating wisdom from Qi Gong, Ayurveda and Bhagavad Gita (yoga shastra) into his classes gives his delivery a certain integrity and well-rounded approach.

Sky has studied Vedanta since 2001 with Swami Vagishananda and Swami Dayananda, giving a good grounding in the purpose and practices of Yoga as a way of achieving balance, harmony and total fulfillment in this life.

His classes are always spontaneous and deeply honoring of his students.  As he says, “I’m like the milkman, I just deliver the milk, fulfilling the sacred and even unspoken orders of the students.” Taught  with relaxed passion, humor and clear understanding of the poses and their benefits, one finds his unique classes inspiring and rewarding.

Sky is the main teacher during the education and teaches about 70 % of the classes. He has been leading Sama Yoga teacher trainings yearly since 2006.


Sanna Bohuslän 2Sanna Jonsson has always had a deep passion for growth and has been committed to a daily practice of yoga & meditation since she was 16. Her interest spans over all the aspects of yoga including Advaita Vedanta (self knowledge, what gives happiness and peace), Sanskrit, traditional Chanting & Ceremony as well as Yoga shāstra.

Her name is very appropriate, it means “truth”, which has been her motivation and goal for as long as she can remember. She radiates an honesty and openness that invites immediate comfort and trust in all her students and clients. On the teacher training she offers personal life coaching

Sanna brings a cheerful and dedicated presence to the courses which really supports everyone, especially the students in their processes. From her diverse background, which has included engineering, animals, physically challenged children, sports competition and extensive travels among other things, she has gained a deep humility and respect for each individuals journey and the ability to inspire and uplift whoever she meets. More about Sanna


 annaAnna Sunesson is a dear friend and yoga student of many years.  She is devoted to yoga life, teaching and maintaining a steady practice, self-reflection and exploring her passion to grow.  At the Sama TT she assists in teaching samayoga, keeps contact with students before and during course, and takes care of holding space for the group at the steps. It´s her you´ll be in contact with for questions and application.

Her heart is at home in the earth, offering her home-grown foods and her knowledge of nature is a deep part of who she is.  She truly values non-injury (ahimsa) and lives in harmony with nature with her feet in the earth. Anna has great organizational skills and ideas plus the ability to implement them in course form. We have successfully run several yoga courses together and they’ve always been smoothly run, heartfelt and well appreciated by all.  I’m grateful to work with her in this capacity and grow the Samayoga garden into a deeply nourishing School for all who come.  She is teaching Sama yoga regularly in Järna, Sweden.


Sama Yogalärarutbildning Sanna Anna Sky
















Guest teachers and extended team (**May be subject to change, this is how it´s been the last years, and these topics will be covered):

Swamiji undervisar på Sama YogalärarutbildningenSwami Vagishananda Saraswati is a rare and special teacher, totally dedicated to understanding reality and the vedic/yogic teachings since the age of 19 (over 40 years!). Not only does he understand with full clarity the vision of vedanta – the answer to the question “Who am I” and “what brings total happiness and freedom from suffering to a human being?”, he also knows how to convey this truth to his students. He is a master of Vedic chanting and a sanskrit scholar.  He’s been through five 3,5 year courses with his teacher Śri Pujya Swāmi Dayānanda Saraswati. Swamiji teaches with incredible passion and humour, bringing the Vedic teachings alive and into our hearts in a very unique and beautiful way. From Swamiji we get the connection to tradition, as it has been passed down from teacher to student for thousands of years, and a richer sense of what yoga is really about.


Petra Kalla works as a physiotherapist in a stress & pain rehabilitation clinic in Stockholm. She is also a C-IAYT yoga therapist. She has over 15 years of experience with traditional Hatha yoga, more than 1000 hours of yoga training and Advaita Vedanta studies, she has a deep experiential yogic knowledge that she infuses in her approach to western physiology. She loves to see yogic empirical wisdom confirmed, explained and understood by western science. To know where the insights of both systems connect can pofoundly enrich how you practice and teach yoga. Learn more about the intelligent inner workings of the body-mind, and let it support you on your yogic path to true health. Petra will teach anatomy and physiology on step 1. She can also answer any questions from her fields of expertise.


Lin Holmqvist Anatomi Sama YogalärarutbildningenLin Holmqvist is our proficient anatomy and physiology teacher for step 3. She shares this topic with an enthusiasm that engages and makes it fun. Lin brings us on a journey into the mystic field of body & mind, through anatomy and physiology. You get a fundamental understanding of how and why yoga works, both from a scientific and alternative perspective. She reminds us about the magic within and how perfect everything works together. She has a thorough understanding of yoga therapy and how we can avoid injuries when we teach and practise yoga. Anatomy is far from a dry topic when Lin teaches!



Marcus Markandeya Berg wit Minük will give musical support


The list of guest teachers may be subject to change.