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A Cheerful Death Poem

If i were to die now.
what would happen?
A rainbow in the sky
so temporary!
it's beautiful to behold
because its only there
like a momentary flare
of colour...

If i were to die, now..
Recognizing this life
as a service,
touching those few
who can say "i know you!"
Close to some,
non-seperate from the One
Is my death not a service too?
The ripples and spirals it would make
what happens in the wake?
of death?
Who's really here?

What comes
also goes..
This is a fact to know.
What remains.
What is.
That which has no travels
The constant.
in all states
in all changes
The Steady Being
that is the Universal "I"
within all eyes
Never dies!
A memory
like a dream
about a fellow
who came and danced
and left at the right time
the designated time.


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

About the name Samayoga

The name feels perfect.  The more I understand about yoga and how it serves us, the more I resonate with it.  It has tradition and depth, it tells what yoga is meant to give us, what it’s main purpose is.

A poem about sacredness…..

These words hit me,
like a bullet to the heart.
I heard them sung,
so beautifully,
so lovingly,
as though from an angel.
I heard them
felt them
and vowed to know them
as myself.


The practices an

d disciplines that bring us to harmony and balance in all aspects of life as well as understanding the choices that bring us equanimity. Sama Yoga is taught intuitively from the heart, it’s a practice that brings you back to yourself, to land in relaxation, trust and contentment with whatever your life brings. Samayoga brings balance and health physically, mentally and emotionally