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Now available on our Sama Yoga YouTube channel - a Qigong and Hatha Yoga class with Sky!

A combination of a Qigong 30 minute class followed by 20 minutes of classical Yoga Asanas. The Qigong set is called the “Cosmic 8”; A reviving, yet grounding series, building arm and leg power and especially beneficial for heart and lungs.  All energy lines are stimulated thru the variety of hand positions and spiraling movements.  This is a great set to have up your sleeve for any quick energizing and back loosening, especially when traveling.  I used to find a quiet place when the bus or train stopped for a break, take 10-15 minutes for a quick boost. No need to take off the shoes or use a yoga mat, you have all you need with you. Enjoy!

We will be adding more online classes in the near future. If you're interested in more, subscribe to our channel. From our hearts to yours!