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I contemplated on what I feel is so masterful, alive and unique about Sky’s way of teaching.

When we’ve assimilated the theory, studied the details, used the practices, succeded, failed, gotten back on track. Seen what it can give and what it cannot not. Then the teaching can flow intuitively, not from planning or thinking about what to say next, but from allowing the wide ocean of assimilated knowledge within to be pulled out by the needs of the students present this day, in this class, with the unique circumstances right here right now. This is not something that a human intellect can accomplish on its own. This requires tapping into the bigger picture, surrendering to the infinite knowledge, that we call Saraswati, “she” who is in the form of communication. Allowing yourself to be a vessel through which teaching can flow.

In my opinion Sky has mastered this, and that’s why there can be 30 unique people in his class and all feel they got exactly what they needed.

This we can all access, but how? I have lots to say about that, more than there is room for here. Ask me when we meet!
(Part of the Sama Yoga teacher training is discovering this, within yourself.)