About the name Sama Yoga

About the name Samayoga

The name feels perfect. The more I understand about yoga and how it serves us, the more I resonate with it. It has tradition and depth, it tells what yoga is meant to give us, what it’s main purpose is.

The name came like this.I was spending a great deal of time with Swamiji, back in 2003-2008, mostly in his little house listening to him unfold the wisdom of Advaita Vedanta and Yoga shastra, and I was also blessed to teach Swamiji what I knew about Hatha yoga. Actually I feel I learned much more than he did as he constantly shared the behind the pose meanings of yoga and also clarified the deeper purpose of yoga as a means of maturation rather than just an “energy transforming” action.

We were collaborating and offering combined Yoga and Vedanta retreats. Swamiji said once upon a time, almost as if it was known that he would need it sometime, he was given the name “SamaYoga” to use from his teacher Pujya Swami Dayananda. Seems like an amazing co-incidence! It was clear that this was the name we should use and Swamiji said to me, like all names of consequence, it’s an ongoing contemplation for you.

Samayoga is an auspicious name from the Bhagavat Gita, which talks about yoga as giving Samatvam; Balance and harmony in all aspects of one’s life. It’s what we really want from it actually.

What we teach is dharma, psychology, Vedanta and assimilated wisdom from all the spiritual teachings received. What has blessed us and given us emotional stability and objectivity. This is Samayoga.

Even the Asanas and Pranayamas are delivered with careful attention to words that lead to accepting oneself fully and resolving into the heart deeper.

Samayoga has this profound quality of being Simple but deep.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

A Cheerful Death Poem

If i were to die now.
what would happen?
A rainbow in the sky
so temporary!
it’s beautiful to behold
because its only there
like a momentary flare
of colour…

A poem about sacredness…..

These words hit me,
like a bullet to the heart.
I heard them sung,
so beautifully,
so lovingly,
as though from an angel.
I heard them
felt them
and vowed to know them
as myself.


The practices an

d disciplines that bring us to harmony and balance in all aspects of life as well as understanding the choices that bring us equanimity. Sama Yoga is taught intuitively from the heart, it’s a practice that brings you back to yourself, to land in relaxation, trust and contentment with whatever your life brings. Samayoga brings balance and health physically, mentally and emotionally