A few thoughts around security, the world situation and the need for Yoga:

I’ve understood that many feel an insecurity from the things going on in the world right now. War, Pandemic, increased interest rates… We hesitate to invest in things like Yoga courses or retreats. 

At the same time we feel that now is the time when we need it the most. We need the tools, and we need the support and loving care of each other in order to find the feeling of trust and security again.

In the classes and retreats we’ve given this last year so many have said “this was exactly what I needed right now”. To focus on what’s healthy, happy and healing. To focus on what is good in life. We need to nourish ourselves to be able to help the world, otherwise we drown while reaching out.

If you feel called to join a retreat or the Teacher Training/Yoga Deepening but don’t have financial means right now let us know. In many cases we can offer a payment plan that feels comfortable and doable. 

I say like our teacher Swami Dayananda used to say: “I don’t want money to come between you and knowledge”. 

He was often able to offer his courses for free, because the Indian culture is a culture of giving, “danam”. He had so many donors who gave when they could, what they could, and this covered the expenses of those who couldn’t give monetarily. In Europe we don’t have that same donation-culture, and the expenses are high. 

For many years Sky and I have taught without having to consider how much we get paid at all as we lived as nomads. What a freedomthat is! Now we have a family and a household to care for, and we need to pay those bills. We still live and teach with the trust that Lakshmi – the principle of abundance – is always supporting us and that whatever comes or doesn’t come is always within order. Yet we need to put a price on things, as that is practical, and that is also honoring Lakshmi. We try to be fair and flexible, and our main focus is always our love for the Yoga.

We hope you can also feel supported wealth wise, and that we can find a way to be together, if you are called to come.

Love, Sanna (&Sky)