Cancellation policy Sama Yoga TTC 2020/2021

Due to Covid-19

We have decided to give a very flexible cancellation policy for cancellations that are concerning Covid-19.

  • This includes official regulations preventing the course, you getting sick, or simply that you feel afraid to join due to the Covid-19 situation – we will respect that without further question. 
  • Until the course starts you will get all your money back, in case any of these circumstances occur.
  • However for cancellations up to 2 weeks prior course start, we will ask you to check with your insurance company first, if they can refund the money. If they don’t, or if they don’t refund all of it, we will refund so you get back the total amount you have paid. We may ask you to show your conversation with the insurance company.
  • If the course becomes full we may contact you to check how likely you think it is that you will join.


We hope this policy will sit well with you and provide comfort at a time when there are so many unknowns. We trust you will use this policy with sincerity and and respect, and only sign up if your intention is indeed to join the course.


General policy after the course has begun:

When you sign up to the course you commit to follow through with the whole program. However, if you must, under special circumstances, like serious disease, drop out we offer a refund of:- 50% back after step 1- 20% back after step 2. If you have a payment-plan we will still send an invoice of the remaining amount. We strongly recommend that you stay with the group, meet what may come up and have a sense of completion in the end. If this is not possible, we will suggest that you fulfill the education at a later time, thus we normally refund only after two years if it is still not possible for you to complete the course.