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A complete Holistic Yoga Study Program – Yoga Immersions & Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

March 29, 2020 - April 5, 2020


This course has passed. We have not yet planned when to run it again. Welcome to contact us if you’re interested.

A complete Holistic Yoga Study Program

60 hours Yoga Immersions – combine to a 240hr  Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Maybe one of the most transformative courses in Bali. For anyone who wants to grow into a mature and harmonious person thru a yogic lifestyle, applied to modern life. We adress the whole person from a holistic perspective which helps you see how lovable you are and how you can come home to yourself. Taught by very experienced teachers who live what they teach and know how to clearly transmit their knowledge to You. After more than 12 years of giving teacher trainings we know how deep and rewarding this journey is and we feel confident to guide you through the process. Based in the timeless teachings of traditional advaita vedanta we share with you classical vedic disciplines and wisdom, fused with modern psychology, in a way that makes sense in your life. We have collected the most valuable teachings and insights that can not be learnt merely from reading or from the internet. This course will transform you into a confident teacher with depth behind your words.

Yoga Asana ~  Qi gong ~ Ayurveda ~ Vaidika Dharma ~ Mantras ~
Satsang ~ Chanting  ~ Meditation ~ Understanding the mind ~ Jungian Psychology ~
Inner Child work ~ Sanskrit ~ Ritual ~ Devotion ~ Vedanta ~ Yoga Shastra ~ Philosophy ~
8 limbs of Patanjali ~ Spirituality

This training, composed by four modules of 60 contact hours, is suited for all who are looking to deepen their yoga and spiritual lifestyle as well as for body workers, yoga teachers, therapists, counsellors and all facilitators and practitioners wanting to enhance their practice and their offerings and get maximum growth as a yogi. It is a time to commit fully to a yoga sadhana (daily practices). Suitable both if you want to deepen your own practice and understanding of yoga as a way of life, or if you feel inspired to teach and join all four modules to complete a teacher training program.

Enjoy the luxury of Bali with exquisitely beautiful surroundings, affordable massages & spas, organic local food – homemade, raw, vegetarian, glutenfree, juices, smoothies and much more. Take care of yourself well and practice in the warm weather, totally supported by the Balinese culture and easy living conditions.

Live and teach from your heart !!

Insight into each module:

After completion of this module you will be able to:

Module 1 – Getting into the body ‘The Foundation of Yoga & Ayurveda’

  • Daily Yoga Asana classes
  • Teach Sama Yoga Asanas & Sequences
  • How to teach intuitively
  • Insights into teaching, how to get absorbed into the yoga
  • Understand the principles of Ayurveda, including special needs of women
  • Understand the beauty of Sama Yoga, its uniqueness & gift of acceptance
  • The purpose of Yoga & how to integrate it into daily life
  • Bring the chanting/mantras into your asanas
  • Confidently lead 3 different pranayama techniques
  • Lead sun salutation sequence with mantras
  • How to hold space
  • Being yourself in the teacher role
  • Accessing intuitive teaching where the class is “pulled out” by the students
  • Sequencing a natural flow where the breath guides the way
  • Ayurveda – how to incorporate it in the yoga teaching as well as into your own life for balance & health.
  • Leadershipskills – how to be a healthy teacher and rolemodel
  • How to continue your study, practice and growth after the course
  • Certificate from Sama Yoga & Vaidika
  • Practicum
Module 2 – Understanding the Mind ‘Yoga & Meditation’
  • Daily Yoga Asana classes
  • Develop more insights into Sama Yoga Asanas
  • Developing the attitude of Yoga & understanding the mind
  • Understand a healthy model of the mind as an inner instrument
  • Having tools for emotional management
  • Knowing how to live a harmonious life with yourself and others
  • Able to guide inner friend meditations
  • Will know the important steps of meditation
  • Purpose of meditation
  • Patanjali Ashtanga Yoga System in the light of Vedanta
  • Understanding different schools of yoga
  • The purpose of Japa
  • Understanding the unconscious
  • To know how to continue your studies, practices & self growth
  • Healthy borders
  • Professional teacher-student relationship
  • Leadershipskills – how to be a healthy teacher and rolemodel
  • How to continue your study, practice and growth after the course
  • Learn how to develop your inner friend, philosopher and guide
  • Certificate from Sama Yoga & Vaidika
  • Practicum
Module 3 – Sanskrit, Chanting & Ritual – Yoga in Devotion
  • Daily Yoga Asana classes
  • Lead a ceremony
  • Understanding Ishvara
  • Understand the purpose & benefits of Puja & rituals
  • Understanding Bhakti/Devotion
  • Freedom in relationships
  • The purpose & benefits of Vedic Chanting
  • Introduction to Sanskrit: sript & proper pronunciation
  • Chant properly the most essential mantras (Mrtyunjaya Mantra, Gayatri, …)
  • Make the world my altar
  • See the sanctity in every aspect of your life
  • Leadershipskills – how to be a healthy teacher and rolemodel
  • How to continue your study, practice and growth after the course
  • Certificate from Sama Yoga & Vaidika
  • Practicum
Module 4 – Discover ultimate freedom through Yoga & Vedanta
  • Daily Yoga Asana classes
  • Purushartha – Human goals
  • Fudamental Problem
  • Who am I in relation to the world & god
  • The Value of Values
  • Leadershipskills – how to be a healthy teacher and rolemodel
  • Common misunderstandings in the yoga world
  • Role of a Guru
  • Avoiding inner conflict
  • Ultimate goal of Yoga
  • What is freedom, how do I gain it?
  • What is advaita vedanta
  • How to continue your study, practice and growth after the course
  • Certificate from Sama Yoga & Vaidika
  • Practicum

240 Hrs YTT exclusive offerings if you join all 4 steps:

  • Private meeting with each of the 3 main teachers (Sky, Sharada & Sanna) where you can choose to receive a personalised yoga program, personal mantra, life coaching session, or any specific wishes you may have.
  • Special group support meetings exclusive for the Teacher Training students
  • Access to online material of Sama Yoga and Vaidika
  • Discount 801 USD compared to if you join each step separately
  • Special class: The Business of yoga/How to start giving classes
  • Get listed as a Sama Yoga teacher and a Sama Yoga certificate
  • Possibility for Yoga Alliance 200hr certification

Sama Yoga Teacher Training and Vaidika Deepening - short video

Sama Yoga Teacher Training and Vaidika Deepening - short video

Have a listen to traditional Vedanta and Yoga Shastra teachings here and here.

Check out some Interviews and free online Yoga classes with Sky here


All three main teachers of this training (Sky, Sanna & Sharada) are devoted to a life of yoga, making every aspect of their modern life a sadhana for growth. Previous students often comment “they walk their talk”. Apart from their extensive experience and education in many aspects of yoga, they all are based in the same teachings of “Traditional Advaita Vedanta”, in the lineage of Shri Pujya Swāmi Dayānanda Saraswati,

For the past 10-20 years they have spent at least 6 months every year living with and in daily classes with their teachers Shri Swami Vagishanandaji and Shri Radhaji, as well as many courses in Swami Dayanandajis ashrams when he was still alive. They have  been given their blessings to teach to carry this tradition forward. Currently they are taking part in a 3,5 yr residential Vedanta course with Radhaji, which continues for 5-12 weeks every year.

A little more about their teachers:

  • Shri Swami Vagishanandaji is a sanyasi, vedanta scholar and chanting master for the past 40 years (he participated in five 3,5yr residential courses with Swami Dayanandaji!). He lives like a monk, devoted to hindu dharma (universal values) and traditions.
  • Shri Radhaji, Dr Carol Whitfield, is a vedanta teacher and sanskrit scholar, teacher at the CIIS University in San Fransisco as well as an accomplished therapist and PhD in psychology. She studied with Swami Dayanandaji since the 1970s and was for many years the manager of one of his ashrams.Both of them have the rare combination of understanding both the eastern teachings as well as psychology and the needs of a modern mind and the western mind.
  • Shri Pujya Swāmi Dayānanda Saraswati – words fall short to describe our revered Guru Pujya Swamiji. He completely revived the tradition of Vedanta and Hindu Dharma and has impacted millions of peoples lives world wide.

To be so close with our teachers is a profound blessing.
Om Shri Gurubhyo Namah
Om Shantih

Sky Akasha found yoga in 1991 and has studied and taught several styles of yoga since year 2000, always coming back to the simple and deep principles in the tradition of Hatha Yoga. Gracefully incorporating wisdom from Qigong, Ayurveda and Bhagavad Gita (yoga shastra) into his classes gives his delivery a certain integrity and well-rounded approach.

His dedicated studies in Vedanta (since 2001) as well as a 1 year residential course in Ayurveda with Dr Lad, has given a good grounding in the purpose and practices of Yoga as a way of achieving balance, harmony and total fulfillment in this life. His classes are always spontaneous and deeply honoring of his students.

As he says, “I’m like the milkman, I just deliver the milk, fulfilling the sacred and even unspoken orders of the students”. Taught with relaxed passion, humour and clear understanding of the poses and their benefits, one finds his unique classes inspiring and rewarding.

Sky is the founder of Sama Yoga and since 2001 he has taught full time on courses, teacher trainings, festivals as well as weekly classes in many parts of the world.

Sanna Akasha-Tobias found meditation and yoga at the age of 16 and has been committed to a daily practice since then. She often says it felt like coming home. Her interest and education spans over all the aspects of yoga including Advaita Vedanta (self knowledge, what gives happiness and peace), Sanskrit, traditional Chanting & Ceremony as well as Yoga shāstra (yoga as a lifestyle committed to personal growth). Her name is very appropriate, it means “truth”, which has been her motivation and goal for as long as she can remember. She radiates an honesty and openness that invites immediate comfort and trust in all her students and clients. On the teacher training she offers classes in vedanta, sanskrit, ceremony, chanting as well as personal guidance. Sanna brings a cheerful and dedicated presence to the courses which really supports everyone, especially the students in their processes. From her diverse background, which has included mindfulness, engineering, animals, physically challenged children, sports competition and extensive travels among other things, she has gained a deep humility and respect for each individuals journey and the ability to inspire and uplift whoever she meets. Together with her husband, Sky, Sanna teaches on retreats, teacher trainings and festival around the world, as well as online classes in vedanta and sanskrit. She also leads company development and leadership workshops based in the yogic practices merged with modern research.

Sharada At the age of 18, Sharada travelled to India to find answers to her questions that she has had since she was little; who am I? What is the purpose of life? What happens after death? 

She was fascinated with India’s spiritual heritage and the mystical literature, that she immersed herself in reading and following the instructions that were given in the books.

Not being guided properly she experienced a psychosis which led her on a profound journey of healing and the quest to know what really happened.

In 2004 she moved to South America, immersing herself into alternative healing modalities and Yoga. 5 years later she went back to India where she met Ayurveda and Indian Classical Odissi Dance.

She settled in Asia and finally met her Sad Guru, first Vedanta teacher, who helped her understand the nature of every experience which finally resolved the fear of her early psychosis.

Since then she has been studying, teaching and living in a spiritual community delving in the knowledge that frees our hearts from suffering. Vedanta.

In 2014 she was a student of the long term residential course of Vedanta, Sanskrit, Puja and Vedic Chanting with Shri Swami Dayanandaji in India. 

Today Sharada offers through Vaidika Dharma Rituals & Teachings with deep love and devotion, yearly Vedanta Retreats & is Co-Facilitator at a variety of established international Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Festivals in Asia & Europe, teaching Vedanta, Yoga lifestyle as a means for personal growth, Vedic chanting, Sanskrit, Puja & Ceremony and Guided Meditation. She created the online platform Vaidika Online Classes where she teaches ongoing classes.

She is the founder of the “Be woman project” to empower women to know that they are safe, loved and connected. It offers Women’s Circle Facilitator Courses and an Online Platform with education on the sacred feminine. 

Her sweetness and devotion shine through in all her offerings. She has such poise, presence and a deep love of Sanskrit, and her discourse is mind opening, gentle and exquisite. Sharada teaches in a way that makes the most complex things easy to understand, with her heart so present in every word. She unfolds the knowledge so it really integrates in the body and mind and bring the wisdom home to your heart.

Swami Vagishananda Saraswati – a Sannyasi and Vedic chanting master. Totally dedicated to understanding reality and the vedic/yogic teachings since the age of 19 (over 40 years!). Not only does he understand with full clarity the vision of vedanta – the answer to the question “Who am I” and “what brings total happiness and freedom from suffering to a human being?”, he also knows how to convey this truth to his students. He is a master of Vedic chanting and a sanskrit scholar. Swamiji has been through five 3,5 year courses with his teacher Śrī Pujya Swāmi Dayānanda Saraswati. He shares with incredible passion and humor, bringing the Vedic teachings alive and into our hearts in a very unique and beautiful way. From Swamiji we get the connection to tradition, as it has been passed down from teacher to student for thousands of years. He gives us a richer sense of what yoga is really about and how to bring it into your everyday life. Meeting Swamiji is often a lifechanging experience for the sincere seeker, giving a sense that the search is finally over. Listen to class examples here.


"Under the Banyantree - Sama Yoga shala - centre for Yoga, Vedanta, Meditation, Sanskrit, Puja & Chanting", in Penestanan Kaja outside Ubud. Next to a temple, under a huge and sacred Banyantree, like the one in Avatar, you will find our yoga shala. Privately secluded with a view over the ricefields and surrounded by the many junglesounds. Location on google maps info on Tripadvisor

Preliminary Daily Schedule  for each module (updated for online version)

6.30-8:30-ish Class Breakfast break 10-12:30 Class/workshop Long lunch break 16-19:00 Times are approximate and may change day to day


TBA Deposit: 25% of your total course cost (non-refundable) to secure a spot. Full payment must be received 2 weeks prior to course start. If needed we can make a payment plan, please get in touch for this option. *prices do not include food or accommodation. There are many accommodation options and restaurants within walking distance and we can give you a contact who helps you find the perfect place suitable for YOU, all for free. Qualifies for Yoga Alliance 200hr (if completing all 4 modules) Max 20 participants per module


There are many accommodation options within walking distance. Some students choose to stay together and rent a whole house, while others prefer to stay alone in a family guest house. As the prefered accomodation and price range varies from student to student we have chosen to let each person choose accomodation themselves. We provide help from a professional local accomodation finder, Erek, free of charge. He will take all your preferences into account and help you find a suitable place to stay near the Yoga Shala. You can also search yourself on pages like "tripadvisor" or "booking", or in Facebook groups like "Ubud Housing and rental", however the best prices are usually offered when bargaining on the spot, which Erek can help you with. The general price for a 1-2 person, fairly luxury room or house ranges from 550,000IDR to 1.8 mil IDR per night. This usually includes cleaning, breakfast, wifi etc. Mentioning you will stay for a while can lower the price. We can help you get in touch with other participants for sharing options.


Ubud has many excellent restaurants with organic, local food. You can find delicious vegetarian, raw-food, gluten free, freshly made juices, smoothies, healthy desserts... and even get home delivery for a very good price!


This course has roots in the Vedic tradition and is supported by traditional teachers. We have a good time in exquisite surroundings, while staying focused on gaining knowledge of yoga as a way of life, accepting ourselves as we are and seeing inner and outer harmony in and through all the postures of life. You will see positive transformations in yourself and find new friends with the same values and interests who can support you as your life with yoga continues.

Sweden/Bali training

There is also a 9 month - 270hr Sama Yoga teacher training in Sweden/Bali which has mainly the same content, it can be valuable and informative to read through the description of that course also.

Questions & Sign up

It's so important to feel that your heart is resonating with the teachers in deep courses like this. If you would like to meet us in a video call or similar to get a better feel, let us know! Email: [email protected] Signup form: Here

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