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Meet the Sama Yoga Team in a free online workshop and for questions.
A glimpse of our Teacher Training program that starts September 2022. Two free intro workshops are planned. Please signup to [email protected]
*A warm welcome to be with us and take a very special journey into a fuller understanding and appreciation of yoga. It's always an honour to share what has truly blessed me and from what I see, many people who have touched Sama Yoga in a deeper way.
I know that all our teachers feel this way. Our life is precious and we can make it meaningful and see how to live as yoga guides us -into a more balanced, harmonious lifestyle. Whether you plan to teach or not, you may find that you end up sharing Sama Yoga in one way or another.
Teaching is highly rewarding and also serves to keep us more attentive to our knowledge as we keep the flame of yoga alive in our hearts and light it in others.
Looking forward to being with you and bringing out the best in each other. /Sky and team*
'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Workshop program:
Sunday April 10 16.30 - Yoga class with Sky 17.30 - Talk with Sanna 18.00 - Introductions of the teachers 18.30 - Q&A with the whole team
Sunday July 31 18.30 - Yoga class with Sky 19.30 - Talk with Sanna 20.00 - Introductions of the teachers 20.30 - Q&A with the whole team
You can join parts of, or do all the schedule. You're of course welcome to join also if you just want a free class, we'd love to see you!
Sweden time zone
Join: Meeting ID: 4441081084 Pwd: enjoy
Questions & Signup: [email protected]
Warmly Welcome!
Facebook event page:
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