Malin Nauchman

“Thank you for sharing tools that I will grow into and use in life’s challenges. Thank You for walking your talk and being authentic.”
TTC 14/15

Stephanie Young

“Quite simply – life changing”

Marina Manuela De Paoli

“Yoga teacher training does not really totally grasp what this nine month yoga safari is. Yoga is in focus, but also dancing with other important aspects of life in general, if you really open up for it. The training can be a metamorphosis for your life. I think we are trained to be extraordinary (good) teachers, if one wants to be”

Åsa Mullaert

“Not only have I dived deeper into the understandings of yoga asanas and my own yoga practice. The Sama Yoga teacher training has opened my heart and given me precious tools to make wiser choices and living my life more authentically – in more balance and harmony within and with my children, family and others. My loving teachers have also given me tools that helps me understand that my true self is not a becoming, but already full and complete. Love has changed meaning… Thank You, Sky & the Sama Yoga team, I Love you, you are Love!”

Esther Nena

“I write this sitting in the Balinese mountains at step 2 of the Sama Yoga TT. This training is such a gift for growth and understanding. If you search for a Training that integrates profound traditional teaching with love, joy, and connection to nature, this is it. I feel very empowered to pass on this great tool for a happy and healthy lifestyle. As one sparkle of light says to the other: “I see the sun in you”

Annika Forsberg

“So grateful for this journey taking me deeper and deeper into my heart and knowing myself. The teachers have so many jewels to share and I´m finding more and more peace and harmony thanks to the sama yoga adventure”

Leonor Levy-Österberg

“Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! One hundred thousand times. I am so deeply grateful. What you all brought to my life is unvaluable. This is really the beginning of something very beautiful. And thank you for giving so much all the time, it is deeply touching how you have served me. Namaste.”

Lisa Norman

“The Sama Yoga teacher training is about learning about who you really are. The true nature of yourself, which is love. Learning about the essence of yoga beyond the asanas. If you feel a calling from your heart to join this training – DO IT! It is so worth it! Everything you meet on the way is a blessing.”

Tove Folkesson

“The training has made me see clearer what I can contribute with in this world, it has opened many doors and empowered me to serve and live more trustful and responsibly, which blesses me and hopefully everyone I have in my life. I brought with me many tools and attitudes to use in everyday life situations and lots of love and compassion for our human journey from Sky and his superinspiring Teacher Training Team.”