Welcome letter

I deeply respect your efforts and interest to grow and understand more about this most interesting topic and indeed a way of life. Together we look into the heart of Yoga, what it means to practice deeply and make choices that bring harmony to your life and to others too. It is always a joy to share, and extremely rewarding to see the sparkle in the eyes and the light in the hearts of those that take on this most sacred journey. The intention of this course is to give you the tools you need to grow, and provide a depth of study that transforms the student into a potential teacher, if you wish to wear that hat. We give our best effort and all our com bined experience to help you reach your potential and accept yourself more deeply than before.

I wish to welcome you all to this journey of self-growth and discovery of how Yoga can help transform our lives. It’s a special marker in your life when you decide to commit to understanding yourself more clearly and take care of your health and well-being. Finding your voice and expression of yoga as a teacher, is a beautiful way to deepen your understanding and share the blessings of what you’ve learned. To truly convey the heart of yoga, one requires to live a life of yoga, practice consistently for sometime and grasp the most subtle of understandings, the nature of oneself. Our exploration together spans over 9 months, like a pregnancy, we grow in the womb of Sama Yoga practices and assimilated life values, cultivating healthy habits and emotional stability and open heart. We move, chant, sing, pray, stretch, breathe, challenge, accept, assimilate, invigorate and learn to listen to our hearts. On behalf of the great SamaYoga team we are honoured and inspired to share with you what has profoundly blessed our lives in every way.


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