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    Sama Yoga with Sky (DVD)

    Sky teaches Sama yoga in a balanced presentation of the traditional forms of Hatha yoga, basic Qi Gong, Vedic mantras and assimilated teachings of the Bhagavat Gita. The teachings flow from his heart intuitively, respectfully guiding the students so everyone feels comfortable and accepted the whole way through.

    The full contents of the DVD are now on our YouTube channel for free! Here is the yoga class. There are other online classes available there too.

    Online classes with Sky

    Available on our Sama Yoga YouTube channel. Plus insights to our TTC, Immersions and other offerings. We hope you enjoy them.

    Journey through 32 Asanas (book)

    12 USD / 100 SEK

    This course is presented in the traditional way, with the technical information coming outside of the practice. This guide book is to help the student refer to the poses, get the sequence by heart and learn the 32 Asanas well. May they be in your heart, nourished there thru consistent practice and further shared when the time is right. It is a great honor to bring these to you, Om Shantih, Namaste Sky

    Sama Yoga Book

    Price not available

    Sky is working on a new book with sequences and wisdom words from the Sama Yoga style of teaching. There will be yoga series you can do at home, adjusted to your timeframe and need for the day. The book is not ready for sale yet, we’ll let you know!