How we handle personal information

We will never share or sell your information to third parties.


You can sign up for our newsletter through our website or by emailing us. If you join a class or retreat we will ask if we can add you. We never add anyone automatically to newsletters. In each newsletter you can easily click to unsubscribe. As long as you are included in the newsletter, your name, e-mail and possibly what area you have participated in classes is stored in our newsletter program (Mailchimp) and in a back-up list on excel.


We regularly go through our e-mail inbox ([email protected] and [email protected]) and delete mail that is not relevant to save. You can contact us at any time and ask us to delete any e-mail communication we have received from you.

If you have participated in courses – information we receive through your application/emails

Some of our courses require you to fill out an application form. The information you provide in the application form is stored as a form in Google Drive. Within two years of completing the course, all information you have given us will be erased, except for your name, e-mail, general area where you live and what course you attended. This information is stored in our gmail account and in a list in google drive. If you want us to delete the information immediately after completing the course, or if you want the email conversations we had with you to be deleted; email us at [email protected] after the course ends.

The information is shared with the main teachers at the courses. When needed it may also be shared with guest teachers, assistants and organizers. You can always ask us who will have access to your information.

Your name/company and physical address are stored in our accounting program, and copied to your invoice, which is stored digitally for 7 years according to Swedish legislation. Our accountant also has access to the information on the invoices (we have checked that she complies with the current GDPR legislation).

Where the above mentioned information is stored digitally

We digitally store information in Google drive and gmail, with a backup-list in an excelsheet. We have verified that google comply with the current GDPR legislation and will continue to do so once a year.

// Sanna & Sky Akasha-Tobias – Sama Yoga