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Contemplation on Sky’s way of teaching

I contemplated on what I feel is so masterful, alive and unique about Sky’s way of teaching. When we’ve assimilated the theory, studied the details, used the practices, succeded, failed, ..

Short Qigong and Hatha Yoga class online

Now available on our Sama Yoga YouTube channel – a Qigong and Hatha Yoga class with Sky! A combination of a Qigong 30 minute class followed by 20 minutes of ..

Online classes with Sky

A series of Sama Yoga classes with Sky is available to download on SeeBeNow. A wonderful oportunity to follow along at home, anytime you like! Filmed in Bali, with the ..

A compilation of interviews with Sky

Expect to be taken care of, nicely held and guided – without too much detail, there’s space to relax, feel and be with yourself. No matter how flexible your legs ..

You are lovable

You are acceptable, lovable, perfect the way you are, whether you can do that advanced asana or not, whether you are flexible or stiff, weak or strong. That’s the message ..

About the name Sama Yoga

About the name Samayoga The name feels perfect. The more I understand about yoga and how it serves us, the more I resonate with it. It has tradition and depth, ..

A Cheerful Death Poem

A Cheerful Death Poem If i were to die now.what would happen?A rainbow in the skyso temporary!it’s beautiful to beholdbecause its only therelike a momentary flareof colour… If i were ..

A Poem About Sacredness…

A poem about sacredness….. These words hit me,like a bullet to the heart.I heard them sung,so beautifully,so lovingly,as though from an angel.I heard themfelt themand vowed to know themas myself. ..