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How to use yoga to heal trauma? 

Our Sama yoga teacher Inga-Lill Tellskog has specialized in this topic and I must say I find it extremely interesting and important! I think it's true what she says that we don't always realise that we have a nervous system on the yoga mat. Not only a body, but also a whole unconsious mind, and stored memories and experiences that may have gotten stuck in the body. 

I'm delighted that Inga-Lill will guest teach on the Sama Yoga Teacher training! (welcome to join)

here is some words from Inga-Lill: 

"I have always been searching for different methods, practices and tools to be able to help myself be more present in my life and find inner peace. They have all been very helpful and they are a big part of my life, but I have felt that there was something missing, a part of myself that I could not reach and understand.

Due to events that had a big impact on my health and me being diagnosed with complex trauma, life gave me the opportunity to heal on an even deeper level. I encountered the work of Gabor Maté and Steven Porges. Their profound and groundbreaking work on trauma and the nervous system is something I believe will change the possibility to heal for so many of us.

In my work as a solution focused therapy coach, I have been able to share their insights and teach their methods with great results. We have a deep tradition of helping people with trauma with talk therapy, meaning having people sit down and talk about their problems. It has been helpful, but thanks to a lot of research we now know that not only the mind needs to be addressed but also the body. So much of trauma stays in the body. It is out of sight, it is sometimes out of our words, but it impacts our daily life in countless ways. The later advances in trauma treatment have all involved working skillfully with the body. The trauma treatment allows us to work with the body in a way that helps nudge and direct the nervous system, instead of having the nervous system relentlessly driving us.

For me this information has been a life changer. It has deepened my understanding of the impacts of yoga. When teaching yoga, I believe it is important, and maybe even necessary, to address how trauma impacts our nervous system thus our lives.

I am forever grateful and honored to be able to hold the beautiful space that yoga creates for the possibility of healing."