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Space of Love festival at Öland – August

August 24, 2020 - August 31, 2020

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This lovely festival is one of the places Sky & Sanna return to yearly, in fact this is where they first met! Living right by the ocean makes it possible to watch the stunning sunrises, swim in the sea or the pool, have a sauna or join any of the many activities at the festival.

Sky’s morning Samayogaclasses are given in the open fields – fresh and fulfilling.
Sanna will teach vedanta, yoga off the mat (yoga as a modern lifestyle) and meditation.

Some words from Sanna: 

I feel a warm ticklish inspiration for the upcoming Space of Love festival! It’s a wonderful venue to share meaningful wisdom and practices in!

I will give talks and share some practices from the vast yogic/vedic knowledge. I’ll share what has proven to work in my own life, and that I’ve seen been important in the life of others too.

I can honestly say I don’t know what my life would feel like without the yoga and vedanta, it’s the greatest blessing, both for enhancing my enjoyment of life, and dealing with challenges. It has brought me, and our students more relaxation, more internal peace despite outer situations, more self love and acceptance of myself and others, it gives the ability to receive life and live open-heartedly. And it acts like a “safety-net” for when challenges seem to be too big… Do you agree? What’s been your experience from the yogic teachings?

If you want a glimpse of what I teach, here are a few podcasts (in Swedish). At the festival I will teach in English. 

Try some classes with Sky online on Sama Yogas Youtube Channel here.

SO looking forward to seeing you in Öland Space of Love festival!
<3 Sanna Sunshine, and Sky, Sama Yoga.

Jenny Sharada, who teaches in the same tradition will be there too!”

Official festival page: http://spaceoflove.nu/


Below info is from the 2019 festival


“What a wonderful journey yoga has provided!” It’s been 29yrs of keeping the practices alive in my life, learning about the inner journey and understanding the whole. In the early days I tried every style I could find, fast and slow, athletic and still, eventually it led to Sama Yoga, free from extremes and balanced in all aspects of life.  This is what I teach and what I live.  Marriage and having a child have only enhanced the devotion to yoga and receiving gracefully all that is.  Teaching Sama Yoga is always an honour and a blessing. All are welcome /Sky Akasha for the teaching at Space of Love festival, Öland in June


My life is devoted to studying Yogic/vedic wisdom and integrating it into every aspect of my life. How to find complete peace and freedom and to keep the teaching tradition of Vedanta alive. Since 10 years I have the immense privilege to spend about 8 months of the year living with and having daily classes my teachers Swamiji and Radha. I will share some of the knowledge and tools that have been most crucial in my own healing and journey towards Moksha – freedom. I will give talks on:

-Trust, seen from a Yogic perspective and integrated with psychology. Mainly focused on understanding the inner child & our unconscious – how it keeps us from finding deep, comfortable peace inside, as well as how it affects ALL of our relationships. We’ll see how to make ourselves our own best friend, with trust and love inside.

-Healing the inner child & unconscious

-Yogic Wisdom for healthy relating

-Yogic / Universal Values – crucial for inner peace


Some words on the festival theme – TRUST

Trust is important on so many levels. We need trust to be able to relax and actually LIVE life, not only survive. As babies we had complete trust, but somewhere along the way our trust got hurt and we lost it. Now, as adults, we need to regain trust: trust in the universe as a benign being, trust in ourselves, trust in others, and also the strength and courage to stand up for ourselves in relation to others, to put healthy borders if needed. Inside, in our unconscious, our “inner children” need to find trust in our “inner friend”, so that the unconscious parts of our mind can relax and heal if needed, otherwise they will keep knocking on the door, keeping us from being able to rest and feel at ease.

Sama Yoga, based in the teaching tradition of Advaita Vedanta, provides tools and knowledge how to find and integrate trust on all these levels. In fact, yoga is a complete lifestyle that takes us all the way to moksha – freedom, where there is complete understanding, peace and trust in the order of things. At the Öland Space of Love festival I will give talks on these topics, sharing what has been most important to me.

/Sanna Akasha Tobias

More info at www.spaceoflove.nu[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]



August 24, 2020
August 31, 2020
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Böda Sand, Öland
Bödasandsallén 11
Löttorp, 387 73 Sweden
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Akasha Skaldeman
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